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RPSG Road Shows

The Renal Patient Support Group (RPSG) is an Evidence-Based support group and defined as a ‘place’ where awareness and research meet. Over time, the RPSG team have been involved in raising awareness through various manners including conferences, engagement events and media. The RPSG is now adding Road Shows to its portfolio to raise and support patient care widely. Some Road Shows have taken place, however we the team are now ‘opening the doors’ to go raise country-wide to help raise renal awareness, raise health literacy, peer and educational support for patients and carers across the UK.

The RPSG is all about taking shows on the Road, and all the variables that come with it. Wherever you are, the RPSG wants to connect with like-minded patients, carers and professionals. At present, the RPSG is limiting Roadshows in the UK. An RPSG representative will seek to attend different venues and provide smarter understanding of how patients and professionals could be working together to support best practice surrounding renal care. The RPSG team goes beyond peer support, and we want to connect and help bridge gaps. Here, you will find out about just a few of the RPSG Road Show activities. Road Show activities can be scheduled via Re-Phew! Consulting.

Kidney Disease Renal and Support (KDARs) Roadshow 2019