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RPSG Education Portal

Over the years, the RPSG has become one of the most active support groups ensuring members, professionals and researchers have the latest information relating to kidney health. For patients and carers, having the most up to date information can enhance communication in the clinical setting during outpatient appointments, for researchers having the latest information will help develop and build on existing practices in kidney care, and for health professionals having the latest evidence is important to ensure best practice.

Some of the RPSG academic and professional collaborations have also included: The RPSG at 2000 members with Bristol Multi-Faith Forum (BMFF) Newsletter publication (2014); Research Grant Collaboration (2013-14) in collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire and Queen’s University, Belfast; The RPSG and Queen’s University Belfast book chapter collaboration on Use of Social Media in Renal Care for EDTNA/ ERCA E-Nephrology Handbook (2014); The RPSG, Brunel University London and Shifa Psychological Services, Canada on a paper and poster collaboration surrounding Islam and Coping with Chronic Illness (2014); The RPSG and University College London (UCL) and Queen’s University, Belfast on a paper Collaboration surrounding The Importance of Point of Care Testing in Community Pharmacy (2014); The RPSG and Renal Information Exchange Group (RIXG) on a data collection collaboration exploring how patients would like to receive health information (2014); RPSG and London South Bank University (LSBU) poster collaboration on the Use of SM for people with Long-Term Conditions to Facilitate Learning in Higher Education (2014). In addition, the RPSG has also supported researchers with potential recruitment for clinical trials between Manchester Children’s Hospital UK and the University of Birmingham, UK.

Here you will several folders relating to some of the most important themes relating to CKD and patient care. Clicking into folders will allow opening to publications.