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Education and Best Practice

The Renal Patient Support Group (RPSG) Internship/ Research Candidates Scrum and Introduction

Biomedical Science Day (2021)
In relating current research, focus for CKD patients, and Biomedical Science Day (2021), the RPSG had several openings for undergraduate/ postgraduate candidates to develop renal research as part early professional development. Candidates would learn to develop according to research outcomes contributing to, and developing conference abstracts, posters, presentations, and peer review publications under supervision. The RPSG internship encourages early professional development and how undergraduate/ postgraduate scientists can get the best out of an internship developing an academic and research background early, so they have the opportunity for future employment, and so that they learn to integrate evidence-base to drive best practice for kidney care.

Awareness and Engagement Activities

Since its foundation, the RPSG team have been actively involved in raising CKD awareness in various manners. This includes air time on TV and radio programmes and engagement activities in community.
Some RPSG activities have included: Renal RaDar Meeting, University of Bristol (2010); Kidney Research Education Initiative (KREI) City University (July 2011); All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group – Kidney Disease and Transplantation in Culturally Diverse Groups, Westminster Hall, House of Commons (2011); World Kidney Day and Renal Awareness – Bristol Evening Post (2011); World Kidney Day & Organ Donation – BBC Radio Bristol (2011); Skype and World Kidney Day E-Seminars (2011- 2012); Bristol Area Kidney Patients Association (BAKPA) World Kidney Day Bowling and Coffee Morning Events to raise CKD awareness (2012); The National Kidney Federation (NKF), Kidney Life Newsletter (2012); RPSG Picnic/ Fun day (2012); Haemodialysis Access Safety Awareness (2013); The RPSG was also a formal collaborator for the Lord Mayor, Bristol Blood and Organ Donation Campaign (2013 – 2014); The RPSG was also involved at the Barrios Film Fiesta, Bristol (2014) and highlighting biomedical sciences and CKD through science and social media (2018), North Bristol NHS Trust.

A few feedback comments received from attendees of RPSG in support of Biomedical Science Day (2018): (A) ‘Very good presentations and extremely informative’. (B) ‘Excellent – very informative and interesting’. (C) ‘A great presentation; really good information’. (D) ‘Event was a good format; will use bioscience as part of radio discussions’ (E) ‘Really very informative. So much great information’.

Here you will find a few photos of just some of the awareness and engagement activities the RPSG has been involved in over time.