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RPSG Projects

The RPSG is continuously developing projects and research to raise more awareness surrounding CKD. Projects developed through the group help identified the most crucial topics patients/ carers cope with on a day-to-day basis. Here you will find a few polls/ surveys completed to help answer some key questions.

Past Projects have included: What do you find most helpful about the RPSG (2011/12); What’s the worst thing about being a renal patient (2011/12); Can Social Media Help Raise CKD Awareness (2012); Keep a Diary Project (2012); What do you think the RPSG needs to do more (2012); What processes/ strategies do you use to cope with CKD (2012); Would you see you another physician other than your ‘named one’ (2012); Do you think Healthtalkonline should have as CKD section (2012); How many members have developed Osteoporosis as a result of CKD (2012); Would you like access to your records online (2012); What do you think we can do to help our health professional colleagues better understand (or appreciate) being in a chronic illness (2012); What do you think of Altruistic Donation (2011/12); How would you like the RPSG to continue (2013); What do you think is the worst effects of CKD (2013); How would you like the RPSG to continue (2015).

More recent completed projects have included: The Lord Mayor of Bristol’s Blood and Organ Donation (2013-2014); Access to a Scientist in Primary Care Poll (2018); CKD through Art Instagram (2018); Service Evaluation in Young People with CKD publication (2018).

The RPSG continues to develop projects to help highlight best practice.