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Conferences and Events

The RPSG team have developed and disseminated research in various arenas. In doing so, the team have made head-waves where the dissemination of how shared-decision making through social media and technology can help improve patient-reported outcomes. The RPSG represented at the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) – Care of the Renal Patient towards the End of Life, London (2009); RSM – Comorbidity in Dialysis Patients, London (2010); RSM – Palliative Care for Adolescents and Young Adults Seminar (2010); 1st Annual Meeting – The Renal Education Network; Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust (2010); Renal Patient View Users Conference, Manchester (2010); RSM – Paediatric Nephrology – London Speciality School of Paediatrics Study Day (2010); RSM – Remote Monitoring and Telecommunications – Safeguarding Patients & Environment (2011).

Using Social Media has promoted the RPSG team to highlight CKD research activities at various arenas, including presenting posters at the Excellence in Paediatrics (EiP), London (2010); (EiP) Madrid, Spain (2012), and Dubai, UAE (2014); an RPSG paper on Using Online Methods for Data Collection was presented at the 2nd Congress Paediatric Nursing Association of Europe (PNAE), Glasgow, Scotland (2013); and the RPSG was represented at the Westminster Health Forum, House of Commons, London (2013); and the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Congress, (2013).

The RPSG attended the EHI-Live, (2013); The RPSG team were also invited to represent at the Healthcare and IT National Conference, Manchester (2014); Presented at the European Working Group on the Psychosocial Aspects of Children with Chronic Renal Failure (EWOPA), Rotterdam (2013); The RPSG also presented a paper on Supporting Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease through Social Media at the STTIEC Regional Conference, Gothenburg Sweden (2014); presented the outcome of the Lord Mayor of Bristol’s blood and organ donation campaign at the ESPN/ EWOPA Joint Congress, Porto, Portugal (2014); RPSG also had a poster presentation on the Use of Social Media for People with Long-Term Conditions to Facilitate Learning in Higher Education – A CKD Perspective Involve (2014).

The RPSG team also disseminated posters on Coping with Chronic Illness, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) – A Social Media Perspective and Bridging the Awareness Gaps in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) – Education, Education, Education in Primary Care at the Health Awareness Event, Bristol City (2014). The RPSG also presented two papers at EWOPA (2018), Visgrad/ Budapest, Hungary. All RPSG representation at conferences and events have been warmly received.