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The Renal Patient Support Group (RPSG) is an Evidence-Based support group and defined as a ‘place’ where awareness and research meet. Over the years, The RPSG has also been short-listed and won several grants to prompt Scientific Practice Excellence, Public Health across Kidney Care and Nephrology. The RPSG was short-listed Finalists for Advancing Healthcare Awards 2018 and 2022.

Patients and/ carers often have various questions relating to kidney care following routine clinical outpatient appointments. Owing to lack of opportunities to share real-life experiences with fellow peers via face-to-face communication, the intention of the RPSG founders was to provide an online support group as part of kidney care received at the North Bristol NHS Trust in South-West England UK. The RPSG is NOT a Kidney Patient Association (KPA).

The RPSG was formally founded in (2009) by two renal patients and one carer to help raise Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) awareness on a wider scale. The RPSG has an international membership. The RPSG has been a support group for ALL who live with this long-term condition.

Patients and carers are using the RPSG all around the world because involvement and engagement activities through the social media platform provide a wider opportunity for discussions about how patients, professionals and researchers could be working in partnership to find answers and improve disease and lives of patients with this long-term condition. Being involved also provides potential to become an innovative model for shared decision-making. The RPSG membership has proved that those using the group now have an increasing understanding of CKD, care plans and related disease-processes. The RPSG is highly research active, building on evidence-base to better the care and lives of patients.

Whilst the RPSG does not provide formal medical advice; it is a support group for patients, siblings, carers, guardians and families to share real-life experiences and everyday challenges. The RPSG teams welcomes everyone to join.

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The RPSG has four main social media platforms including Facebook, BlogSpot, ResearchGate and Instagram. These different platforms function differently regarding highlight supporting patients and carers, but also to highlight its ongoing research and publication activities.