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The RPSG membership is truely a global support group phenomenon. Recent statistics inform that the RPSG has membership from the UK, USA, Egypt, India, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, and Australia and many far-wide countries. All members including patients, parents/ guardians, siblings, carers, relatives and friends have a ‘place’ to share real life experiences and supporting one another via a ‘closed’ and confidential Facebook group.

In addition, the RPSG has a BlogSpot that highlights activities in a journal style/ format; a RPSG ResearchGate page that highlights research/ publication accomplishments and a RPSG Instagram folio that highlights CKD through Art.

Over the past decade, the RPSG team have been involved in supporting patient and carer experiences through raising CKD awareness, data collection projects, engagement activities, presenting efforts, seminar/ conference activities, the dissemination of awareness and research through publications surrounding some of the most important subject entities on this long-term condition. Here you will see RPSG team, present, past and honorary who have been active behind the scenes to ensure the efforts of this amazing group are recognized.

The RPSG Team (Present)

Vicky Gardner
Co-Founder and Chief Administrator, England UK
John Gardner
Co-Founder and Chief Administrator, England UK
Magda Bonacina
Research and Administrator, Italy
Sylvia Seth
Administrator, Scotland UK
Lisa McGee
Administrator, Scotland UK
Ian E. Roberts
Administrator, England UK
Meshia Adams
Research and Administrator, USA
Aneesah Rashid
Moderator, England UK
Vasundhara Raghaven,
Administrator and Researcher, Dubai, UAE

The RPSG Team (Past)

Rob Argue
Administrator, Australia
Maureen Omondi
Organ Donation Campaigner and Administrator, England UK
Rick Jackson
Administrator, England UK
Sifaw Kherbish,
Organ Donation Campaigner and Speaker, England UK


Damindra Gunatillake, Public Speaker
England UK
Ade Olaitan, Public Speaker – Blood and Organ donation
England UK
Dr Filson Ali, General Practitioner
England UK
Shaila Hussain, Public Health Researcher
England UK
Kamila Orzechowska, RPSG Research Intern, England UK